Are you looking for the ultimate in desktop recovery?

Your workplace PCs are always likely to encounter problems from time to time – after all, there are plenty of dangers out there on the big, bad web, as well as human errors that can be made. Whether it’s a virus, user error or botched software installation that has left you needing to recover your PC desktop, you’ll almost certainly appreciate a stress-free and efficient means of doing it.

That means of desktop recovery is available for you from Perpetual IT in the form of RollBack Rx PC. It’s been described as “an instant time machine for your PC”, enabling those with a PC running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (32 and 64 bit versions) to instantly go back in time to their machine’s previous state. There isn’t a more comprehensive Windows system restore solution currently on the market.

How RollBack Rx PC takes the stress out of computing

The next time you encounter one of the above technical problems that necessitate a desktop restore and you have Rollback Rx PC installed, you’ll see why it has already commanded such a stellar reputation. Whatever happens, within seconds, your PC can be brought back to its previous state. You can go back not only minutes or hours, but days, weeks or months, if you so wish.

Not only can you go back to any previous snapshot, but the software supports virtually unlimited snapshots. A complete system snapshot can be created without the need to restart the system, and as the software uses only minimal system resources, you won’t even notice any adverse effect on computer performance.

Even if you can’t get Windows to startup, it’ll still take you just seconds to reverse any system crash. Has there been a failed or botched program or OS update? No problem, as RollBack Rx PC makes it easy to back out of the problem. Similarly, if you’ve come under attack from viruses or malware, recovery can take place within seconds.

Why not just stick to Windows System Restore?

Of course, you might imagine that Windows System Restore will serve your needs perfectly well when you need to roll back system files, registry keys or installed programs to a previous point in time. However, not only is there a limit to the range of program files that Windows System Restore can restore, but your restore points would also be inaccessible if Windows crashed to the extent that the operating system itself could not boot up.

This contrasts with the ability of RollBack Rx PC to restore absolutely every single byte of data, due to working at the sector level of the hard drive. It sits below Windows, with the sub-console (mini OS) that boots before Windows – just in case the latter crashes – enabling everything to be perfectly restored.

What could be better for your next desktop recovery solution? Get in touch with Perpetual IT now to find out more about RollBack Rx PC.

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