Why choose Perpetual IT?

We’re far from the only IT support company in London or the South East, so why should you opt for Perpetual IT over the competition?

The reasons are very simple… we are the leading IT support firm in the capital. We recognise more than any other company, the importance of your business operating at its best, at all times.

We consider a second of downtime to be disastrous, and also believe that high quality IT support services should not be out of your financial reach.

Here are just some of the great reasons to choose Perpetual IT…

Our simple, jargon-free approach

We know that you aren’t IT experts – that’s our job. That’s why we act as true collaborative partners to your own company’s operations, never overwhelming you with technical jargon.

Our swift, 24/7 support

Our engineers and technicians aim to get in touch within seconds of your problem being reported and can do so at any time, as we know how unforeseen your issues can be.

Our highly insightful support

Not only is the breadth of our IT support service formidable, but we provide real insights into your IT needs, courtesy of well-informed engineers and a dedicated account manager.

Our truly personal service

We enjoy a close relationship with our customers, scheduling engineer site visits to your convenience and thinking of ourselves as an extension of your company – your own IT support department, not a separate entity.

Our commitment to security

Your business data is priceless, and any loss or damage can have grave consequences. That’s why we ensure the complete security of your system as it is, in addition to creating backups.

Our mobile support

In today’s world of widespread remote working, we know that you and your colleagues will frequently be out of the office, but still need our IT support. This explains our exceptional standard of mobile support.

Our competitive pricing

What use is effective IT support if you can’t afford it? Here at Perpetual IT, we price our services honestly and offer a range of payment structures – from all-inclusive contracts with fixed fees to variable rate agreements, whereby fees vary according to demand and usage.

Contact Perpetual IT today about IT support services that are intelligently tailored to your exact requirements, enabling your company to more effectively meet its business goals.

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