Network Protection

As beneficial as the World Wide Web is for businesses in almost any sector, it does also present challenges. Not least among these are the malware, spyware and viruses that can threaten the security of your IT infrastructure and lead to the loss of data. Here at Perpetual IT, we’re experts at protecting the networks of small to medium sized businesses.

We’ll look over your current network and consider your company’s needs, before recommending solutions suitably tailored to your business. Not only do we help to combat the threats that do reach your infrastructure with our highly regarded antivirus software, but we also provide the firewall solutions that prevent them doing so in the first place.

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Don’t allow viruses to slow down your network and cause the loss of data. Instead, invest in our up-to-date antivirus solution that repels the very latest nasties, before they even have the opportunity to cause damage.

Web Protection

There’s a lot of unsafe and inappropriate content out there. With our web filtering software, you can prevent it being accessed by employees, and therefore compromising your IT infrastructure, with the associated implications for your organisation’s assets.

Firewall Solutions

The right firewall is a powerful first line of defence against online dangers like viruses, malware and DoS attacks, ensuring that they are unable to access your computers and network – thereby protecting vital business assets and data.

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