For affordable enterprise-level security, choose the Dell SonicWALL firewall

Where do you start with choosing the right firewall for your small or medium sized business – one that not only effectively repels web threats now, but can continue serving your firm well as it grows? We reckon that if there’s one firewall that offers the right combination of characteristics, it’s the Dell SonicWALL firewall.

For network security for small to medium sized businesses, we are delighted to be able to offer Dell’s broad selection of Network Security Appliances, which incorporate true enterprise-class security and performance into a product that your business at the earlier stages of growth can actually afford.

No firewall product has the reputation that the Dell NSA Series enjoys for industry-leading next-generation protection, scalability and performance – and there’s no better company offering such a product and the incorporated Dell SonicWALL firewall than Perpetual IT.

A host of benefits

What should make the NSA Series your first choice? Well, what about the high level of control that is ensured by such functionalities as bandwidth management and application blocking, as made possible by a suite of tools encompassing intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware?

The highest standard of security and connectivity is further ensured by IPSec, VPN, SSL VPN, anti-spam, content filtering and enforced client anti-virus. But this is a solution that can also expand with the growth of your organisation, thanks to the NSA Series’ appliances’ multi-core design. This is in sharp contrast to the single-core and ASIC processors long favoured in the design of traditional stateful firewalls.

Whatever the level of exposure of your firewall to heavy traffic and malicious content, as many as 24 cores ensure the even spreading of the network load, meaning that you don’t see the extreme performance degradation that can occur when you depend on more traditional firewall technology.

How the Dell SonicWALL firewall comes into its own

Even in the most demanding environments, NSA Series appliances continue to deliver impressive levels of scalability and performance, courtesy of the proprietary Dell SonicWALL Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI). This scans traffic on every port and on every protocol, as well as in any direction, to give you the ultimate visibility and control.

However, nor is the Dell SonicWALL as complex or time-consuming to configure, deploy and maintain as the alternatives. Application rules, network policies, VPN connections and more can all be rapidly set up and fine-tuned via an intuitive GUI and powerful set-up wizards. Such an ease of use helps to reduce the overall cost of ownership, as do the NSA Series appliances’ exceptional power efficiency.

Contact Perpetual IT now about the NSA Series appliances that we can offer to enable you to make the most of the supreme functionality, scalability and security of the Dell SonicWALL firewall.

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