Choose hosted VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) from RingCentral

Have you considered lately whether your employees are as closely connected to your office as they ought to be when they are elsewhere? We aren’t talking about any sloppiness or laziness on their part – we’re referring to the standard of your company communications.

Allow us to explain. Both between themselves and with customers and clients, your employees are probably using such in-office technologies as email, phone and voicemail. But how do they keep in touch when they are away from their desks? Their mobile phones? Fax? Perhaps they call from their home phones to the office VoIP system?

Why place your VoIP system in the cloud?

Indeed, you can enjoy a new level of innovation, reliability and performance when you choose the right hosted VoIP solution like that of RingCentral, which we can proudly bring to you here at Perpetual IT. Not only does it remove the need for any on-premise system, but it also enables the easy management of all of your firm’s office locations.

RingCentral also enables ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) for business communications via a mobile app, the flexibility and freedom that this brings for your workforce making plenty of sense in today’s world of widespread mobile and remote working.

It’s impossible to overstate the heightened business productivity that such an integrated solution helps to make possible, allowing you to shift your resources to more strategic objectives.

Enter the world of truly Unified Communications (UC)

It’s important to stipulate the exact difference between hosted VoIP and Unified Communications (UC). Investment in the former enables your employees to use any compatible device to quickly access and reply to messages, from any location.

This makes hosted VoIP a key part of today’s Unified Communications (UC), a term referring to the broader range of technologies and organisational practices for streamlining communication. Examples of such processes range from email, phone conversations, email and web conferencing to voicemail, fax, SMS messages and instant messaging (IM).

UC has potential relevance to companies and organisations of all sizes and types, given that there is always something that can be done to streamline business communications, even with a restricted budget.

Talk to Perpetual IT today about RingCentral

When the time comes for your business to invest in a hosted VoIP system as part of its wider UC strategy, you would struggle to find a superior business communications solution to RingCentral.

The company’s combination of call management, conferencing, HD video meetings and mobile minutes within one phone system makes it an obvious choice for London and South East firms looking to better embrace Unified Communications (UC), and here at Perpetual IT, we can explain the system and guide you through the full range of available plans.

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